Welcome to HRA

Health Research and Analysis (HRA) is a woman-owned small business that specializes in epidemiologic and health services research for various public and private sector agencies. Offering analytic services for health-related data ranging from small pilot studies to Big Data, we gather, manage, analyze and synthesize data to describe trends, explore hypotheses, evaluate programs, and provide recommendations for policy and program development and implementation.

HRA offers a decade of successful experience supporting health-related programs that span the spectrum of health and wellbeing among Veterans, military personnel, disaster relief first responders, occupational cohorts, persons in healthcare delivery settings and the general public.

HRA’s capabilities cover all aspects of research methodology and research project management including translating research findings into practice; biostatistical analysis; epidemiologic research; health services research; program evaluation; survey methodology, design and implementation; benchmarking of program performance; and, technical and science writing and reporting.

HRA’s research findings routinely appear in the published literature attesting to the rigor and the quality of our approach.