Health Research and Analysis, LLC (HRA) is a woman-owned small business that specializes in epidemiologic and health services research and program evaluations for various public and private sector agencies. Offering analytic services for social and health-related data ranging from small pilot studies to Big Data, HRA gathers, manages, analyzes, and synthesizes data to describe trends, explore hypotheses, evaluate programs, and provide recommendations for policy and program development and implementation.

HRA’s staff and network of technical expert consultants provide a one-stop solution to support epidemiological studies, policy analysis, program evaluations, health services research, and other activities designed to elucidate risk factors, evaluate outcomes, estimate cost, and measure performance. Our team is adept at integrating multiple data sources to answer research questions or test hypotheses.

HRA utilizes this approach to support epidemiologic studies and health services research; conduct surveillance activities; measure quality of care; assess compliance to clinical guidelines or recommendations; and address patient safety, quality of care, and satisfaction. HRA offers extensive experience in using databases, designing studies and surveys, and preparing technical reports and presentations. HRA is proficient in statistical and data management software such as SAS, ACCESS, SPSS, STATA, SUDAAN, R, and SQL.

Our Mission

HRA’s goal is to provide data-driven, contextual, timely, and actionable solutions and insights that address the nation’s health and healthcare priorities.

Our Pledge

To our partners, we pledge to leverage the latest research methods and tools to deliver data-driven, actionable, and timely products and services.

To our staff, we pledge to create a collegial work environment that fosters career growth and development.

Our Talent

HRA offers a highly qualified, unparalleled professional team of researchers, physicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, and data scientists/analysts who have obtained the best-in-class training, qualifications, and experience necessary to conduct health-related studies expeditiously while making quality the top priority.

HRA’s Capabilities

We support social, health, and healthcare-related programs and initiatives by:

  • Conducting research and evaluation activities
  • Leveraging data to provide insights that can be translated into practice
  • Collecting data and conducting data management and statistical analysis activities
  • Designing and conducting epidemiologic and health services research studies
  • Conducting program evaluations
  • Estimating program and healthcare cost and their drivers
  • Benchmarking program performance
  • Providing technical and scientific writing and reporting
  • Offering strategic planning
  • Providing technical assistance training