Our Expertise

Health Research and Analysis, LLC (HRA) provides its federal and private partners with research and evaluation; data collection, management, and analysis; technical assistance; policy analysis; technical reporting; and strategic-planning services. By leveraging scientific information and statistical data, HRA informs the development, administration, management, and evaluation of social, health, and healthcare programs and initiatives leading towards success. HRA’s researchers synthesize the results of studies and analyses to support the development of data-driven best practices that yield improved health and health outcomes.

Business Lines

Epidemiologic Research

HRA adopts a holistic approach in its epidemiologic research, applying advanced analytics to study the interaction of social, environmental, behavioral, and physical health factors and their influence on the progression of disease at the population level or for specific cohorts.

HRA works closely with partners to define and refine research objectives and questions; develop hypotheses; design studies; collect, manage, and analyze data; conduct multivariate analyses; interpret results; and prepare scientific reports, presentations, and manuscripts. HRA’s epidemiologic research study results have repeatedly been published in the scientific literature and been cited and presented in scientific meetings, contributing to the body of knowledge.

Qualifications and Expertise

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Healthcare: Quality and Cost
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Injury Epidemiology
  • Behavioral Health
  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Tobacco Use
  • Patient Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Deployment Health
  • Environmental and Occupational Exposures and Health Outcomes


  • General Population
  • Individuals Seeking Care/Patients
  • Veterans
  • Military Personnel and Beneficiaries
  • Deployed Service Members
  • Occupational Cohorts
  • Disaster Relief and First Responders
  • Children

Cross-Cutting Competencies

  • Study Design
  • Statistical Analysis (SAS, SPSS, STATA, R, SUDAAN)
  • Data Management (SQL, ACCESS)
  • Claims and Electronic Health Record Data
  • Surveys/Data Collection
  • Health Registries
  • Surveillance
  • Needs Assessment
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Performance Measurement
  • Program Evaluation
  • Policy Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Systematic Literature Reviews
  • Technical Reports and Manuscripts
  • Technical Assistance and Training
HRA designs and conducts epidemiologic studies to assess risk and health effects of environmental and occupational exposure
HRA designs health services research studies to describe utilization, cost and performance of healthcare programs
HRA leverages your existing program data to evaluate the success of programs and identify gaps that lead to continuous quality improvement
HRA provides technical assistance for optimized data collection and data standardization efforts
HRA develops and implements metrics that measure success, benchmark and identify areas for improvement against industry and identifies areas for improvement
HRA offers expertise in managing and analyzing Big data and/or study specific data….sources include claims, medical record, surveys, vital statistics, registries and study specific data whether large or small

HRA Specializes In

  • Collecting, analyzing, managing, and synthesizing scientific information and statistical data and producing scientific reports, peer-reviewed manuscripts, and podium and poster presentations
  • Providing insights and data-driven recommendations to inform the development and evaluation of programs and initiatives
  • Designing, conducting, and reporting on epidemiologic studies that explore risk factors and health outcomes
  • Conducting health service research studies to explore trends in healthcare utilization, cost, and quality
  • Providing technical assistance and strategic planning for program development and enhancements